Apartment and Moving Part 2



It’s been 5 weeks since we moved, and I am feeling the withdraws. I miss the beauty, culture and busyness of Miami, but I don’t miss everything else, like the traffic, noise, impossibility of getting a parking spot in our local Publix, or the high expenses for everything. I also miss family and friends while from Miami. Do you see the oxymoron of the situation? I miss Miami, but when I was in Miami, I missed being closer to family and friends in Jax. I sometimes say I wish I could take Coral Gables, FL and drop it in Jacksonville. I would be so happy. We can’t have everything, so I’m thankful to be where we are now, and visit Miami as much as we can. I’ll just look back on these pictures to remember our apartment and Miami’s beauty. I am thankful that I didn’t just visit Miami, but I actually lived it. I feel like it’s similar to New York city. It’s never enough just to visit, you have to live it to get the full experience. I hope Alice Jane remembers Miami as she grows up. I know she loved living there and says how she misses it all the time.


Alice Jane’s First Day of School

I was that mom. The mom that had to back out of Alice Jane’s classroom door, because I didn’t want to take my eyes off of her, in case she waved goodbye, or needed to see me one last time. The mom that slowly closed the door, all the while peeking through till the last second. The mom that had her face in the window of the door, praying she would look my way. I was that mom. I wish I could say I’m embarrassed, but I’m not. I should be embarrassed. I’m not the first mom to drop her child off at school. It’s totally normal, but when you spend every moment of the day with your child, being in all of their special moments, it’s hard to know they are going to be having special moments at school, that I will never get to be a part of. I want to watch her answer questions right, and see her excited about learning something new, or getting good marks because she listened to the teacher and was kind. So, although dropping your child off at school is totally normal, it’s a huge step knowing that you’ve finally reached that point in their life where they are no longer a baby. No longer will I be the only one to experience all of her quirks and chats. No longer will I witness all of her achievements. That moment where you have to let go, not completely, she’s not 18, but let go more than I ever have before. I know it’s worth it. She loves school, she loves to learn, and she loves making new friends, so that leaves me looking through the window watching from a distance, while she grows into someone I know I will be proud of.

Living Room Tour




I loved our apartment in Miami. The living room was my favorite room in the apartment, as well as the most used room. There are so many things I love about this room: Velvet Emerald Couch, vintage lamp, my grandma’s 70’s arm chair, wicker desk, my wall hanging, made from vintage purposed burlap ribbon, my college paintings, grandma’s vintage scarf, fybr’s beautiful ring yarn wall hanging, etc.  This post would never end if I mentioned all of my favorite details. Let’s just say that I love every detail, and wouldn’t change a thing. Most of the furnishings in this room were given to me, made, or thrifted. Somehow that makes me treasure them even more. The last detail, that adds so much life to my living room, are my plants. I’m a proud plant mom, and I take great care of them. I love extracting clippings, or fallen leaves, to form new growth and create new plants. The more plants I can help grow and nurture, without actually buying new ones, the more accomplished I feel. Taking care of plants is my new hobby. It’s a much slower process than buying mature plants, but I love discovering new growth and life from fallen leaves that might have been discarded.

Apartment and Moving Part 1


I always regretted not taking more pictures of our first apartment in Jacksonville, FL; I have maybe two pictures. I knew this time around, it was important for me to have lots of pictures,so I could remember our time in Miami.  I was really happy with how our Miami apartment turned out. I really enjoyed decorating it, plus the lighting was so amazing. I loved the climate, trees, buildings, restaurants and culture. It was so different than any place I had ever been. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never been, but I highly recommend visiting. We actually lived in South Miami, Coral Gables. It was the most beautiful place I could ever hope to live. I keep referring to Miami in past tense because we just recently moved back to North East FL the first of July. We only stayed in Miami for 6 months. When we originally moved there, we had the mindset that we would stay possibly a minimum of one year, but after David received an opportunity to work in Nashville, we knew we would have to cut living in Miami short. It might be some time before we make the move to Nashville, but as of now, it looks like that will be our next location. I’ll always love and miss Miami, but I’m really excited for this next step.

Part two coming soon.

Weekday Brunch


It had been raining none stop, and we were so ready to get out; we have been cooped up for so long. It’s the longest that the sun hasn’t shone since we moved to Miami, and we really missed it. The second we were able, this past Friday, we had to get out. I found a beautiful Spanish cafe, Cafe Demetria, to have weekday brunch. The eggs, croissant and Colada were so good, and way more affordable than other brunch places in the area. I found it hard to find Eggs Benedict most places on the weekdays, so this was a treat. It was the perfect sunny afternoon, after so many days of rain. I’m still so surprised by the beauty in  this city. The details on the buildings and greenery everywhere always makes me so happy. It’s hard not to be happy in South Miami.

Being A Mom


                  Alice Jane and Adelaide


On Mothers Day I always have a self evaluation of my role as a mom. Being a mom is the hardest role I have ever taken on. It’s challenging, the hours are long, and I feel like a failure half of the time. This self evaluation isn’t to measure the difficulty of my role as a mom, but to measure my heart. It can feel so frustrating sometimes when it comes to disciplining, sickness and the million other things moms deal with day to day, but when I evaluate myself I know that no matter how long and difficult my role as a mom is, there’s always more room for patience, love, encouragement and understanding that I can give. This is something I work towards throughout the year, but Mother’s Day always brings the feelings and self examination to the forefront of my mind. It’s hard for that feeling not to be stronger when you are being congratulated as a Mother everywhere, it always makes me stop and think, “Am I being a good mom?”, “Am I doing enough for their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being?”, “Am I preparing them in the way that God would want and in a way for them to see His love?” I can’t always answer these questions but they are ideas I take with me for the rest of the year, as a guide to lead me, hopefully, to a more loving and selfless attitude. I love my girls and I love my role as their mother. I’m so thankful for this difficult job of bringing two humans into the world and training them to one day be the kind of person that God wants them to be. It is a difficult, long, tiring job that I am so blessed to have in my lifetime. I’m so thankful for these two and can’t wait to see how they grow. 

Blog Anniversary

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The pictures above are of my very first posts.

May 12th is my 2 year bloggerversary. I can’t believe two years have already passed. It’s so worth it, to be able to go back and look at my early post, especially the post with Alice Jane. I also love reading the posts, and remembering things I’ve forgotten. I could, of course, keep a diary to remember all these special moments but a blog seems more permanent and less likely to be lost or misplaced.

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