Mystic Trees

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The trees spoke to me and I followed. Even the swamp beckons with its long cypress fingers stretching towards me. I woke to the still quiet of the swamp, knowing I would hear the trees in my dream once more. I still listen and hope that they will come alive and be more than just a dream.

My love affair with this hat continues, the color is just perfection. This dress and vest combo is one of my favorites, both are thrifted. Of course I had to add my favorite Zero UV glasses. I also wore these old Urban Outfitter wooden platforms; I love them but rarely wear them since they make me so much taller then my husband.

I wanted to add the picture below even though it was an outtake. I loved how hazy it turned out and is probably my favorite.

mystic trees


My Must Have Summer Outfit

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Alice Jane just had to take pictures with me Saturday. She wouldn’t let me have any pictures until she had a couple. That pose she struck was too much. We had a great time watching David’s band Convalesce play. Alice Jane loved it, she had the best time head banging and clapping; it was so cute.

This is definitely my most worn outfit this summer. I can’t get over this dress that I thrifted. It’s actually Coldwater Creek but I love everything about it. I was worried it wouldn’t fit since it’s a size 14 petite but I love the fit and can’t get enough. The vest was given to me and is also a favorite. I got the hat (similar) from forever 21 and the shoes are a wonderful thrifted find. The glasses are Zero UV and a favorite. Finally this necklace is from West Village Tribe. We visited a market in New Jersey and West Village Tribe was there selling their jewelry. I loved everything they had and they were so sweet to give Alice Jane a huge sunflower. I love that this necklace goes with everything in my wardrobe and since it ties I can change the length; which is very convenient for me.

I have been loving this backpack that my husband surprised me with. So far it’s his best surprise ever. I had been obsessed with finding a back pack that was smaller and could serve as a purse. I bought one on ebay that I loved but it wasn’t leather and the strap broke, I tried to fix it but it broke again while we were in New Jersey. I didn’t even realized but my husband went online to find a backpack with good reviews that wouldn’t break on me. I’m completely in love with it. The size is better then the one that broke too because this one actually fits a bottle water; it will be perfect for Disney.

Brooklyn and Central Park Adventures

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I finally edited my pictures from New York. I loved spending the night and waking up in Brooklyn; morning is my favorite time in the city. We stopped for breakfast at a Dominican restaurant, it was so good but the coffee was the best part. I was in NewYork hanging out while my husband filmed a music video on the roof. I was able to get the pictures at the top before we headed to Central Park. I could see every major building from that roof; it was beautiful.

Next stop was Central Park. I had to put my hair up since it was so hot; I’ve finally mastered the braided crown.  We walked all around Central Park filming music acts. There is so much entertainment in Central Park, everyone performing there is so talented and it’s way cheaper then going to a concert. Tipping is still very appreciated and much deserved for the performers. Central Park is incredibly large and I realized too late that I wore the wrong shoes but to my credit, I had no idea we were going to Central Park.

Although my shoes became uncomfortable after hours of constant walking, I wore the right clothes. This romper was light and airy. Sometimes is looks like a dress but thankfully it’s not; no sudden gust of wind is going to lift this outfit up. I actually purchased this romper at a thrift store and I was worried that I would have to replace the zipper but it turned out to work fine for months. Unfortunately this was the last day the zipper worked. I thought about replacing the zipper but I love this romper so much I wanted to use it as a template to make more rompers. Plus this romper is a little short in the torso, so I can’t wait to fix that. I’ll blog as soon as I create another romper using this template. I’m not sure where the booties are from since my husband picked them up for me in Puerto Rico. I absolutely love these booties and wear them all the time. My glasses are from ZeroUV on Amazon and I wear them non stop. I just love how they look and fit my face, plus they are incredibly comfortable.

We didn’t spend the whole day in New York since we wanted to get back to our daughter in New Jersey. But I was able to get some Ramen before we left, which I was so happy about. One of my goals in going to New York was to get Ramen. I didn’t get a picture of the Ramen since my phone was acting up (I’ve had to get a new phone since then). I think Ramen is so photographic. I also really want to learn to make ramen though, but for now the noodles at the Asian market is pacifying me.

Dreams Really Do Come True

sewing machine (1 of 21) sewing machine (7 of 21)sewing machine (12 of 21) sewing machine (13 of 21) sewing machine (14 of 21) sewing machine (17 of 21) sewing machine (18 of 21) sewing machine (19 of 21)sewing machine (21 of 21)

Needless to say, I’m in love! I have been altering and hemming clothes on a cheap sewing machine for awhile, so it is a dream to finally have a sewing machine like this Homemaker. Not only is it beautiful, but it sews like a dream; no more bobbins popping off or thread explosions. I am having so much fun sewing on the machine, and I’m just getting started.

I have to thank Sally for the sewing machine. It’s a unique situation, and I’m so thankful for what she does. People give her old machines that are not being used for her to service and give them to others who are in need of a machine.  I love that she is able to give these machines a new home rather then being carted off to the dump or left to rust.

I’m still learning about the machine. I wish there was more info on the internet, but I didn’t find out anything about the Homemaker Deluxe. If you know anything about a Homemaker Deluxe made in Japan, please let me know. Also I’m thinking she needs a name; I keep wanting to refer to it as a her. Let me know what you think would be a good name. She’s going to be around for awhile, so I want her to feel loved.

Father’s Day in New Jersey

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We were able to spend Father’s Day with David’s family this year. We were also able to celebrate with David’s grandfather who is basically his father. We had a great time with his family. It was quite a day! We took lots of pictures and was able to snag a picture of David with his two brothers which hasn’t happened in years.

We spent Father’s Day in Bayonne, New Jersey at the Kennedy Street Park. Kennedy Street Park is the largest and prettiest park in Bayonne. Alice Jane and her cousins had a blast in the sprinklers and playground. I will miss their parks and all the local free sprinklers.

I have more Jersey pictures to share that I’m really excited about. They will probably be up later this week.

Where have ya’ll been traveling this year?

Enchanted Trees and the Perfect Boater Hat

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I’ve always been obsessed with these trees. This is the exact location I wanted my wedding but it rained that day so it wouldn’t have worked out. It’s still one of my favorite spots and is an ideal spot for pictures.

I recently ordered this hat from Forever 21, it was on sale as well as free shipping; you can’t beat that (unfortunately it’s no longer on sale). I recently bought a different boater hat but I loved that this was a wider brim then that one and I love the color. I’ve never seen a boater in this color and knew that it would go great with my wardrobe. I picked up this dress earlier that day before these pictures, I had just enough time to wash it first. I thought this dress might be a little small but knew if it was I could wear it as a kimono. The dress ended up fitting perfectly; I love the style and it has a great mix of forties and nineties feel. There are some button hole issues but that’s to be expected in thrift finds and it’s such a easy fix that i’m not worried.

What thrift finds have ya’ll been loving lately?