Blueberry and Blood Orange Scones

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I love orange juice and oranges in general but I rarely eat them straight. Although I don’t eat them normally, I got completely drawn in to these blood oranges. I juiced some but needed to use up the rest. When I was making blueberry muffins I realized I should make scones too incorporating the blood oranges. I looked for a recipe that incorporated both but I couldn’t find anything. I did find this recipe that used orange zest. So I made it just like the the recipe sad but instead of adding the orange zest I added blood orange juice to the fresh blueberries and then added them last. Then I also added blood orange juice to the heavy cream that you add to the top of the scone before baking. I would have to say scones are my favorite, even more then muffins. They are easy and hold up well even the next day. I did enjoy these the next day too.


90’s Vibe

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It’s not easy dressing a baby bump. You basically need a whole new wardrobe, that will only last a few months at a time as your belly gets bigger. It wasn’t as hard the first time, but the second time is much harder to make my wardrobe last. I don’t want to have to buy a bunch of maternity clothes because A. It’s expensive and B. Most maternity clothes are not cute or original. In fact, they are really boring, but basic maternity clothes are key to getting through the months, without having to buy too much. So I have my basic’s but like I said, it can be so boring. Thrifted clothes have been a great way to get me through, and spruce up my maternity basics. The fit isn’t always perfect, but it has been helping me want to get dressed when I need to, and not just throw up my hands in frustration. It takes time and imagination but the process has been fun. I’m really happy with how this outfit turned out. This jumpsuit was so comfy and is for sale in our Ravishing Rabbit Instagram shop. It is a 22 W, so it’s still very large up top for me, I added a long vest to cinch it in. It has a very 90’s vibe that I love. The glasses are polette, that I actually won from a giveaway on my friend Carla’s Instagram. I love these glasses and I will definitely be getting more from them. I’m so happy with how these pictures turned out, my husband did such an amazing job. I love that I will have these to look back on.

Disney 2016 Part 2

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Alice Jane got to ride on the tea cups and loved it, I sat this one out. We bought her this gigantic Hello Kitty for her 4th Birthday from Epcot.

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Alice Jane was so excited to see Merida this time around, she was so happy.

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She got to shoot a arrow too and did really well.

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Me and David finally had another Chicken Waffle sandwich from the Magic Kingdom, It was so good and one of the few times David eats veggies on anything.

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There are always so many birds at Disney but this was so cute, I loved how they followed their mom.

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We tried to see as many Princesses as possible, Rapunzel was a must.

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She was so excited to see Cinderella as well.

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Story time with Belle was a blast, she’s always in awe. I love it, It makes going to see these Princesses over and over again worth it.

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No Magic Kingdom trip is over til we get our Pineapple dole whip. We have to watch Alice Jane though, because she will steal it all.

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I had a fun time picking out outfits for this trip, I love dressing for chilly weather. Layers are where it’s at.

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I must have left all my glasses but thankfully I had these $2 pair hanging out in the car.

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On the second day of our trip to Disney in January we went to Magic Kingdom. It  was a beautiful chilly day. We always have a great time at Disney. I love going but with Alice Jane everything is more memorable. I love the magic I see in her eyes, it makes everything more magical for me too. I hate that we are going to wait so long to take her again but we want to wait for the baby to be a year old before we go back. It will always be a favorite family vacation for us. Next time we go we will be a family of 4, and I can not wait.


Twenty Nine

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I turned 29 today. Next year I will be 30, but I still feel 21. It’s amazing how the years pass by so quickly, when it feels like days. Being an adult is tough, but with the hard times comes unforgettable experiences that make everything worth it. When I was 24, I had no idea where my life was headed, and who I would be spending it with, but that same year everything changed. I met David, got married and had my first baby. Now I’m 29, and I still may not know where I’m going, but I know who I’m going with, and that’s all I care about. With all the uncertainties, I love that I get to figure life out with David, and our girls. The spontaneity of having kids has helped me be more flexible and compassionate. I’m thankful for the lesson’s I’ve learned. As much as the number 30 scares me, I’m actually not upset at getting older. I look forward to the lessons and experiences that come with age. I’m so thankful for this life that God has blessed me with.                  Here’s to another year!

Alice Jane turns 4!

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It’s that time of year again, Alice Jane had another birthday. She’s a year older, and I don’t know what to do with myself. I wish we could go back to any time in our child’s life, so we don’t forget what they were like at that age.

Alice Jane’s 4th birthday party was a success! She had so much fun, and I’ll admit, I did too. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the tables and decorations because I loved them, but we rushed to get everything set up before the guest arrived. Alice Jane and the kids had a blast. We had balloons everywhere, and the kids just could not get enough. I was happy that I had my record player, because we played musical chairs with the kids. We took some videos of them playing musical chairs, and it was so cute. Alice Jane received awesome gifts, and loved playing with all the kids. I absolutely loved the cakes, which my friend Calli made, and did such an amazing job. I’ve been checking out her cakes for sometime, and was just waiting for an opportunity to order one. She made two cakes, a lavender, earl gray cake for me, and a honey, cinnamon cake for Alice Jane. My birthday is on February 9th, and Alice Jane’s is on the 5th, so I wanted a cake for me as well. They were perfect in every way. I never planned to have a party every year, but since Alice Jane informed me that she won’t be big until she’s five, it looks like we’ll have to have another party next year.

New Hair, New Body

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I changed my hair color. I loved my red hair, but the upkeep was too hard while being pregnant. Since I can only use ammonia free dye, it limits my options, especially on a tight budget. I normally go to Sally’s for my hair dye, because it’s more affordable for my needs, but their ammonia free red color selection is very limited. I thought about doing an ombre look, but I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. I went dark; the last time I did this was in high school, but the color lightened too quickly, and it washed me out, since I wasn’t as skilled with my makeup techniques back then. I knew this time I could pull it off, and figured my lack of sun exposure would keep the color from lightening up, so I found the ammonia free dye at Sally’s, and went for it. It turned out darker than I wanted, but it’s working out, and I’m okay with it. I need to go back and do a touch up. I probably could have used more dye the first time around, since I have so much hair, which I plan to do soon. Overall, I’m liking it, and will probably keep it for some time post baby.

This is one of the first outfits I’ve felt fairly normal in while pregnant. I’m not a huge fan of most of the maternity clothes that I have access to in my price range, so I thrift a lot and try to find ways around it. At this point, comfort wins out over fashion, so I haven’t wanted to take too many pictures recently. I didn’t want to bore anyone with my limited comfort choices, P.S. it involves a lot of black. I have stocked up on many large dresses, so that’s getting me through the times when I need to be more put together instead of just hanging out in leggings all the time. Everything in this picture is thrifted, other than the maternity tights, and Urban Outfitter shoes.

It’s finally gotten chilly in Florida, and I’m so happy. I hope it stay’s this way til the baby comes in April, but probably not.