AJ & A of Oz


Ok, no one is going to Oz but, these red shoes and striped tights might make you think otherwise. I can’t get enough of layering baby clothes, it’s everything I wish I could wear but can’t. It doesn’t take much to convince Alice Jane to take pictures with her sister. Plus, no one can make Alice Jane laugh like her Papi.


Shades of Fall


I have been loving the long shirt dress. It has been so helpful while I’m nursing Adelaide. I’ve hated wearing anything with a waist lately, so it leaves me with limited options on what to wear. Plus with nursing, forget it, I really have nothing to wear. That’s why I was so excited to find this dress at Target. It checked all of my boxes. Plus it will be perfect for fall, I can’t wait to put sweaters and vests over it. I might be getting ahead of myself though, I’ve already been stocking up on dark lipsticks, I can’t get enough. Fall is definitely my season, and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest this year.

Dress – Target                                                                                                                                                     Shoes – Gift                                                                                                                                                           Lip stick – colourpop in Kae




I’m sure I overdid it with the pictures, but they are all so different! Ok, maybe not, but It’s so hard to choose. Have I mentioned how much I love thrifting? Her outfit cost a total of $2, not including the booties, which I got for $7 online at H&M. Even the bonnet was given to me from my grandmother, so her whole outfit comes out to $9, thanks to the thrift store. This is probably my favorite outfit that she has, I know I put it on her too much, but she’s going to out grow it soon, so I have to get all of the goodness out of it.

I had planned to post this weeks ago, but when I went to upload the pictures, I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was so upset, I realized I never actually put them on my computer and edited them like I thought. What really made me sad is that these are pictures from her 3 month mark, and I couldn’t believe they were gone. Thankfully after going through some sim cards this week, I found them! I’m so, so happy because she looks so cute in that bonnet, and it’s too small on her now so I wouldn’t be able to retake the pictures.