School Pictures




We were so excited when it was time for  Alice Jane’s school pictures in October, but we were a little disappointed. They were way more expensive then what we expected, especially since Alice Jane looked really discolored in the pictures. I knew we could recreate the pictures and get some really pretty Christmas pictures of the girls at the same time. I used to love going to Olan Mills when I was a kid to get our pictures taken, my favorite time was taking pictures with my ballet outfit. I wanted to recreate the Olan Mills pictures with Alice Jane; we took school pictures, ballet pictures, and Christmas pictures of the girls. This really helped me to get on top of our Christmas pictures. I actually had the Christmas picture of the girls put on a pillow from Shutterfly for my mom, it turned out so beautiful. I’m so happy we didn’t have to spend money on pictures we didn’t love. 


We’re moving!¬†

I’ve been meaning to write something on Facebook about this, but I’ve been so busy with the holidays, packing, and my brother surprising us from Indonesia. It’s been quite the Christmas and New Years. David has mentioned for some time about the possibility of moving. We’ve talked about Brooklyn, Miami or Jacksonville. David originally got a great offer in Jacksonville, but then he got a better offer in Miami, so we went with that. Even though we live outside of Jacksonville, and it’s closer to family and friends, we both felt like Miami was the place for us. I can’t explain it, but I felt so much better about Miami then Jacksonville. Maybe we’ve just been in the area too long and wanted something different, but we are both excited about Miami. I want Alice Jane and me to take some Spanish classes while we are down there. This is the perfect time to work on her Spanish, and I figure I need to try harder to learn also. We already have our apartment, and I’m so excited to have our own space again. There’s so much I want to work on and accomplish. I’m happy to have a space to finally start creating again. 

I’ve missed blogging.  It’s so hard to start again once you’ve stopped, but I do love it and want to continue. I hope the light is nice in our new place so I can start blogging more things in our home. 

Keep us in your prayers as we make this huge leap of faith. This is a big step for us, and will take a lot of trust in God to get us through. I’m excited to see what He has for us.