Being A Mom


                  Alice Jane and Adelaide


On Mothers Day I always have a self evaluation of my role as a mom. Being a mom is the hardest role I have ever taken on. It’s challenging, the hours are long, and I feel like a failure half of the time. This self evaluation isn’t to measure the difficulty of my role as a mom, but to measure my heart. It can feel so frustrating sometimes when it comes to disciplining, sickness and the million other things moms deal with day to day, but when I evaluate myself I know that no matter how long and difficult my role as a mom is, there’s always more room for patience, love, encouragement and understanding that I can give. This is something I work towards throughout the year, but Mother’s Day always brings the feelings and self examination to the forefront of my mind. It’s hard for that feeling not to be stronger when you are being congratulated as a Mother everywhere, it always makes me stop and think, “Am I being a good mom?”, “Am I doing enough for their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being?”, “Am I preparing them in the way that God would want and in a way for them to see His love?” I can’t always answer these questions but they are ideas I take with me for the rest of the year, as a guide to lead me, hopefully, to a more loving and selfless attitude. I love my girls and I love my role as their mother. I’m so thankful for this difficult job of bringing two humans into the world and training them to one day be the kind of person that God wants them to be. It is a difficult, long, tiring job that I am so blessed to have in my lifetime. I’m so thankful for these two and can’t wait to see how they grow. 


Blog Anniversary

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The pictures above are of my very first posts.

May 12th is my 2 year bloggerversary. I can’t believe two years have already passed. It’s so worth it, to be able to go back and look at my early post, especially the post with Alice Jane. I also love reading the posts, and remembering things I’ve forgotten. I could, of course, keep a diary to remember all these special moments but a blog seems more permanent and less likely to be lost or misplaced.

If you aren’t on my Instagram, you need to go and check it out. I’m hosting a give away on my Instagram in honor of my blogging anniversary.

Key West


Some Fresh Lemonade


My mom was in town this past week and I knew that we needed to go to Key West. I have the best memories of going when I was a kid. All the palm trees and crystal clear waters. Plus we stayed in a kitschy Key West motel that is always such a fun experience, I love that time has stood still in the keys. You can still find those colorful kitschy motels that seem to have disappeared from the rest of Florida. Key West is 3 hours and 45 mins away. That’s a lot of driving for a day trip, but I don’t think I’ll get a chance to live this close to Key West again, so we made the drive and had a great time. I feel like the drive was the best part, just seeing the scenery and cute places. We didn’t swim, but I wish we had. I think next time we will have to stay overnight on the beach some where because that water was to die for. It was great being able to go back to Key West, but I think we’ll stay on one of the smaller island before Key West. Key West was really busy and I like the smaller towns with the less crowded beaches better.

I’m so happy how much the girls are turning into beach kids. It took longer for Alice Jane, but now she’s obsessed. It helps that we live so much closer to the beach now too. The girls would probably spend all day on the beach and in the water if we let them.