Apartment and Moving Part 1


I always regretted not taking more pictures of our first apartment in Jacksonville, FL; I have maybe two pictures. I knew this time around, it was important for me to have lots of pictures,so I could remember our time in Miami. ¬†I was really happy with how our Miami apartment turned out. I really enjoyed decorating it, plus the lighting was so amazing. I loved the climate, trees, buildings, restaurants and culture. It was so different than any place I had ever been. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never been, but I highly recommend visiting. We actually lived in South Miami, Coral Gables. It was the most beautiful place I could ever hope to live. I keep referring to Miami in past tense because we just recently moved back to North East FL the first of July. We only stayed in Miami for 6 months. When we originally moved there, we had the mindset that we would stay possibly a minimum of one year, but after David received an opportunity to work in Nashville, we knew we would have to cut living in Miami short. It might be some time before we make the move to Nashville, but as of now, it looks like that will be our next location. I’ll always love and miss Miami, but I’m really excited for this next step.

Part two coming soon.