Living Room Tour




I loved our apartment in Miami. The living room was my favorite room in the apartment, as well as the most used room. There are so many things I love about this room: Velvet Emerald Couch, vintage lamp, my grandma’s 70’s arm chair, wicker desk, my wall hanging, made from vintage purposed burlap ribbon, my college paintings, grandma’s vintage scarf, fybr’s beautiful ring yarn wall hanging, etc.  This post would never end if I mentioned all of my favorite details. Let’s just say that I love every detail, and wouldn’t change a thing. Most of the furnishings in this room were given to me, made, or thrifted. Somehow that makes me treasure them even more. The last detail, that adds so much life to my living room, are my plants. I’m a proud plant mom, and I take great care of them. I love extracting clippings, or fallen leaves, to form new growth and create new plants. The more plants I can help grow and nurture, without actually buying new ones, the more accomplished I feel. Taking care of plants is my new hobby. It’s a much slower process than buying mature plants, but I love discovering new growth and life from fallen leaves that might have been discarded.


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