Apartment and Moving Part 2



It’s been 5 weeks since we moved, and I am feeling the withdraws. I miss the beauty, culture and busyness of Miami, but I don’t miss everything else, like the traffic, noise, impossibility of getting a parking spot in our local Publix, or the high expenses for everything. I also miss family and friends while from Miami. Do you see the oxymoron of the situation? I miss Miami, but when I was in Miami, I missed being closer to family and friends in Jax. I sometimes say I wish I could take Coral Gables, FL and drop it in Jacksonville. I would be so happy. We can’t have everything, so I’m thankful to be where we are now, and visit Miami as much as we can. I’ll just look back on these pictures to remember our apartment and Miami’s beauty. I am thankful that I didn’t just visit Miami, but I actually lived it. I feel like it’s similar to New York city. It’s never enough just to visit, you have to live it to get the full experience. I hope Alice Jane remembers Miami as she grows up. I know she loved living there and says how she misses it all the time.