New Blog

This will be my last post on this blog. One day I might figure out how to combine my old and new blog. I have been on wordpress for two years, I’m happy with my new blog and am excited about where my blog is going. Here’s the link to my new blogflash back 2.


Weekday Brunch


It had been raining none stop, and we were so ready to get out; we have been cooped up for so long. It’s the longest that the sun hasn’t shone since we moved to Miami, and we really missed it. The second we were able, this past Friday, we had to get out. I found a beautiful Spanish cafe, Cafe Demetria, to have weekday brunch. The eggs, croissant and Colada were so good, and way more affordable than other brunch places in the area. I found it hard to find Eggs Benedict most places on the weekdays, so this was a treat. It was the perfect sunny afternoon, after so many days of rain. I’m still so surprised by the beauty in ¬†this city. The details on the buildings and greenery everywhere always makes me so happy. It’s hard not to be happy in South Miami.