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This will be my last post on this blog. One day I might figure out how to combine my old and new blog. I have been on wordpress for two years, I’m happy with my new blog and am excited about where my blog is going. Here’s the link to my new blogflash back 2.


Key West


Some Fresh Lemonade


My mom was in town this past week and I knew that we needed to go to Key West. I have the best memories of going when I was a kid. All the palm trees and crystal clear waters. Plus we stayed in a kitschy Key West motel that is always such a fun experience, I love that time has stood still in the keys. You can still find those colorful kitschy motels that seem to have disappeared from the rest of Florida. Key West is 3 hours and 45 mins away. That’s a lot of driving for a day trip, but I don’t think I’ll get a chance to live this close to Key West again, so we made the drive and had a great time. I feel like the drive was the best part, just seeing the scenery and cute places. We didn’t swim, but I wish we had. I think next time we will have to stay overnight on the beach some where because that water was to die for. It was great being able to go back to Key West, but I think we’ll stay on one of the smaller island before Key West. Key West was really busy and I like the smaller towns with the less crowded beaches better.

I’m so happy how much the girls are turning into beach kids. It took longer for Alice Jane, but now she’s obsessed. It helps that we live so much closer to the beach now too. The girls would probably spend all day on the beach and in the water if we let them.