Fernandina Beach

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I have been wearing this dress/kimono nonstop. I thrifted it many months ago. It’s a dress, and I originally hoped to wear it that way, but it was too small. Thankfully it buttoned all the way down and I was still able to still wear it as a kimono. I’m obsessed with wearing dresses over other dresses, shorts and pants. I love the print so much and it really goes with most things in my wardrobe. This is the second time I’ve paired them with these Urban Outfitter shorts(old). I have been wearing my vintage boots a lot this summer, I’ve had them for years but they have made their way back into my rotation. I paired the outfit with my Forever 21 hat and ZeroUV glasses.


Sailor Moon

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These pictures were taken a month ago, but Disney trips and other things came first. I noticed a sailor pattern as I threw this together. I know having too much of a theme scares some people but I love getting right to that edge before Themed dressing. The striped shirt was given to me, but it is Forever 21; the pants and belts were thrifted. The hat is Forever 21 (similar) with a bow I added.

In other news, I’ve been in New Jersey visiting my husband’s family. New Jersey is so diverse and I love walking everywhere. Sunday, the 14th, we were able to go to New York City for church. While in New York we saw the Puerto Rican parade. They know how to have a parade — it was great that my daughter was able to share that experience with her Puerto Rican relatives. We were also able to walk through Time Square. I’ve been in Time Square many times, but it was nice to go with family and my daughter. I have enjoyed it while I am here but I’m excited to get back to Florida where every home and establishment has central air. However, I will miss some things: I will miss Alice Jane being able to see so many of her cousins at once; I’ll miss taking her to tree covered parks; I’ll miss the occasional cool days; and most importantly I’ll miss the bagels, cream cheese and lox.

I want to add a quick word about my husband for Father’s Day. I love that we get to spend this time with his family and the man that has been a father to him. I don’t know when we will get this chance again but I’m so happy we will have these memories if we don’t get that chance.

Ravishing Rabbit

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I talked a little about Ravishing Rabbit before but I wanted to discuss more in-depth about how we started and where we are going.

For awhile I had been feeling that I wanted to sell clothes I altered, or clothes I loved but didn’t fit. I loved finding treasures but often I put things back because I wanted someone else to enjoy them. I loved the idea of being a thrift stylist where I could find those thrifted treasures for others.

One day I was talking to Chastaney and she mentioned how she wanted to sell baby clothes since she kept finding amazing pieces. When I told her I felt the same about adult clothes we decided to go for it. And when Brittany heard what we wanted to do, she was in. 
That’s how it started. We talked a lot about how, where, and when. And we knew we had to come up with a name and that we wanted rabbit. I can’t remember who came up with the name but I know it was either Chastaney or Brittany.
Most people I know are overwhelmed by thrift stores and question how to wear pieces that seem outdated. I want Ravishing Rabbit to be that go between, where we can update clothes and unlock potential. We want to share the happiness we feel when we find a thrifted treasure. The journey has been fun as we get off the ground and continually re-imagine Ravishing Rabbit. We strive to provide items you want and that means growth and flexibility. 
Before I became a blogger, I wondered if anyone would be interested in my style since it primarily consisted of thrifted altered clothing. Then I realized, I would love to see a blog about someone who primarily wore thrifted clothing. I know there are blogs like that out there but I haven’t come across any. I realized I could also bring people with me on my thrifting discoveries with a blog. Ravishing Rabbit is what finally pushed me to blog. I had thought long about blogging, but working with Ravishing Rabbit compelled me to share my ideas with others.
I’ve had such a blast sharing outfits as well as what I’m doing in my life. I have so many things to share. I hope it’s always like this. Let us know what you want to see in the shop and if you are interested in any of the outfits I have posted.

Disney May 2015 Part II

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I only realized last time I went to Magic Kingdom that they have a parade during the day. I always figured that they only had the electric one at night. I’m so happy to learn otherwise because the day parade is so much better. I realize I put a lot of picture from the parade up but I couldn’t help it; the pictures turned out so great.

I was only able to get one picture of Alice Jane with Belle, it was really dark in there and they didn’t allow flash. I assumed the Belle character meet was like the others where you talk to her a little then take pictures but it’s was actually a interactive story time. It was so sweet the way the kids got involved, the beast (which was actually one of the little boys) even got to dance with Belle; it was so sweet. After meeting Belle like this, Alice Jane had to watch “Beauty and the Beast” back to back for days.

I’m wearing a vintage shirt my grandmother gave me. My shorts are from the thrift store but I hemmed them (a little shorter then I wanted I’ll admit). I actually made the Minnie ears and I still love them. I made them pretty quickly so I don’t know how long they’ll last but I’m having fun with them in the meantime. Plus when your phone’s battery runs out and your family needs to find you in a crowd these ears really stand out, at least that’s what my husband tells me.

I wasn’t able to get a great picture with my brother Samuel but I wanted to share a picture with him. It’s been years since we’ve gone to Disney together and after this summer it will probably be years before we see him again. After his final graduate classes this summer he will be going to Indonesia. We don’t know how many years he will be gone since it can be really expensive to travel back and forth. I love that we have a month before his summer classes start to spend time together. I always have a great time going to Disney and love that I get to share it with my family.

Disney May 2015 Part I


Alice Jane doesn’t look excited about meeting Mary Poppins but she was; she was speechless.01-18 01-1

I love all the parades and street performances they have.01-32 01-31

It’s a Small World was a must.01-2 Alice Jane was skeptical at first but wouldn’t stop talking about it after.

01-33 01-3 01-4 01-26We missed Rapunzel’s tower last time with Alice Jane but she was excited to see it this time.


Soon after we had to stop so she could put her Rapunzel’s dress on. 01-13

My sister Sarah and Alice Jane have a special bond. 01-28       I love going to Disney but it’s always More magical when I go with Alice Jane. The look of wonder on her face makes my heart swell. I love the imagination and beauty I see there. It’s such an amazing incite to how God created us and the way our mind works. It’s not just black and white, there can be color and wonder. I love that I get these years of wonderment with her and hope there is many more.